Maritime Transportation Safety Act of 2002

Congress passed the Maritime Transportation Safety Act of 2002, effective January 1, 2003. The Act “requires various security plans for U.S. Ports and mandates improved identification and screening of seaport personnel. When all is said and done, the U.S. will have security measures that are much more restrictive than other countries…It has been obvious that protection was needed, considering that some 7,500 foreign flagged ships make 51,000 ports of call each year in 361 U.S. Ports “.

Two Years Later : More Needs To Be Done

Two years later U.S. ports were struggling to meet new security standards [ Milligan, Cruises may be most affected by new passport rule ( “ With just four months to go before new passport requirements kick in for certain North American air and cruise travelers, the travel industry is still wrestling with concerns about how the new rules could affect travel “ ); Luzadder, U.S. cruise ports struggle to meet security mandates ( “ Port authority officials around the U.S. say they need more federal dollars to help meet security mandates...( including ) More security personnel to monitor video cameras...Additional audio surveillance... High-tech biometrics...Extra security equipment...Additional training of security personnel...Dredging harbors in some ports “ )].

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