Top Causes for Boat Accident Injuries

A boat accident can occur for a variety of reasons.  On July 28, 2012, there was a boat accident in the middle of Petite Lake around 150 yards from the shore and a person was killed in the accident.  The victim was being pulled on a tube behind a boat.  He fell off the tube and was hit by another boat.  The Operator of the boat was charged with OUI (Operation under Influence) and Careless or Reckless Operation and Inattention. Operators Inexperience is one of the main reasons for boat accidents.  Other reasons include but not limited to:

Behavior of the Passengers
The Operator is responsible for the actions of the passengers while the boat is in operation.  He should keep them seated and ensure that the passengers are wearing personal safety equipment.

Weather and Water Conditions
High winds can cause the waters very treacherous.  The Operator should listen to the weather forecast before operating the boat.

Failure of the Equipment
If a car or bus breaks down, we could get it easily repaired immediately from a nearby garage or workshop.   Repairing of a boat in the middle of the water is difficult.  Therefore, it is important to make sure that all the equipment in the boat are in good condition before starting the cruise.  The Operator and the Owner of the boat are responsible for doing regular maintenance of the boat.

Reckless or Careless Operation
The Operator should operate the boat carefully.  Allowing a passenger to ride on the bow may be termed as carelessness.  Reckless or Careless Operation can be defined as the operation of a boat carelessly or negligently causing danger to life, limb or property of persons onboard and in other boats.

Failure to Yield
The Operators must understand and obey the rules of navigation.  Failure to yield is the main reason for collision of vessels.

Operating Under Influence
The Operator of a boat should obey the same laws regarding alcohol consumption that are applicable to the driver of a car or bus.

The boat must not carry in excess of the permitted weight or number of passengers.  The Operator and Owner are responsible for crossing the limit for the maximum weight or number of individuals in the boat.

Congested and Hazardous Waters
The waters with strong current and turbid areas are dangerous for rafts or canoes.  The vertical movement and horizontal flow of the water can make the water hazardous.  Further, if the water is congested with many boats, it is prone to accidents.

Excessive Speed
Excessive speed can also cause accidents.  If the speed of the boat is low, the Operator could see the people and other objects in the water so that he could avoid accidents.  The Operator is responsible for keeping the speed limit under the conditions existed.


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